has revolted agai' />

The online community has revolted against what may or may not be the worst show in recorded history.

Even before it went to air there seemed to be two trains of thought about TV3's new reality show The GC.

To some it looks like fun.

To others it marks the nadir of broadcasting in NZ. It's a televisual tower of Babel. Cue the four-horsemen of the apocalypse. Unleash the online rants.


Here's a selection of the best online comments so far.

Cuz that was oarsum. Haters gonna hate and as far az im concurned can go out and take a dump in their own letterboxz.

Did the New Zealand taxpayer pay taxes and die in the war so they could have this puerile parade shoved so far down their throats that they'd have to put a throatie up their bum if they got a sore throat? At least they're not living here on the DPB I suppose.

I've herd about ten people say this, so I thought I'd repeat it. "They've raised the IQ of both countries." But I don't get it. Wots IQ?

Are they acting or is it reality? Why are they pretending to be Norse-gods, and I reckon the Gold Coast looks kind of povo, like Shortland Street ... it doesn't even look warm. Oliver Driver is Swedish? I don't think so.

Yo, these guys aren't getting paid enough to really put themselves on the line and be the complete balls deep f***wits that you need for this gig, so stop busting their balls. Also they know the rules, they've seen all the other shows, and they're not stupid enough to ruin their lives like we have, but we got paid big time. Yo dont fink the producers probz had a hundreth of our budget so not bad ravioli really. You gotz the laundry under control, also your show looks heaps better than ours. There's only one word from me and Snooki, and that's; Respect. (To be honest I'm not sure what that word means, might google it ... ) Yep, Respect!

It's appalling! Just dredging up the past and it's in black and white! (We are discussing Shindler's List aren't we?)

Wotz the probz peeps, just white jealosy like when the black man went to the moon.

There's been some discussion that the show isn't what it described itself as on the original funding application, which apparently talked about things like Tikanga rather than tits.
There's no doubt that if you were expecting a documentary about the tribulations of our indigenous population, battling with losing their culture in the lucky country, then your luck will be unrequited. But if you really thought that anything remotely like that would pop up in primetime on NZ TV then you clearly haven't been paying attention. (BTW I once 'did' 9 Aunties over a long weekend although one turned out to be a dude ;)

It was crap! I watched only a quarter of second of it when the ads were on and I happened to be passing the TV that was in the window of the house next door and my blindfold slipped off my face. But I am interested in that lovely girl who showed her lingerie to that chap on the bed and have subsequently used the imagery to facilitate some 'marriage guidance' issues that my husband and I have been having. It's working a treat. So thanks TV3! Kia kaha.

Damn I mizzed it, recorded the one with the sick aminalz buy missteak.

I don't recall watching it.