The GC has been branded 'fake ' and 'pathetic ' by viewers of the new reality show.' />

Last night's premiere of The GC has been branded "fake" and "pathetic" by viewers of the new reality show.

Other fans were more measured on social networking sites after the debut episode of the TV3 show about New Zealand Maori - or "mozzies" - living on Australia's Gold Coast.

But the show, which was granted $420,000 in NZ on Air money, inspired so much hatred among some that a Facebook page was set up called "Cancel The GC TV show".

The page already has more than 2100 "likes," and asks TV3 to remove The GC from TV and "burn all the episodes".


"It's soooo fake, and the acting is pathetic! What an embarrassment to NZers TAKE IT OFF TV3 for Christs sake!" said commentator Wendy Skinner on the page.

The first episode introduced the 11-strong cast of the show, including single lad Tame, wannabe rapper Nate, singer Nuz and glamour model Jessi.

It showed them lazing by a pool, driving around the Gold Coast, using some of their catchphrases like "aunties" and "publics", and getting ready for a housewarming party.

The only real moment of tension came at the end of the episode, when Rose Arkle arrived home from a night out to find broken glass in the kitchen.

According to viewership stats on, The GC was TV3's most popular show yesterday with 370,660 viewers.

But it didn't beat its 8pm opposition - TV One's Animal Rescue (512,370) or TV2's Two Broke Girls (416,650).

TimeOut reviewer Rebecca Barry Hill said The GC had potential, but lacked drama.

She called the characters "mildly narcissistic and occasionally amusing in a nudge-nudge-bro kind of way".

Herald readers were less impressed.

"I just watched 1.30 minutes of the GC on demand. I think I dropped 20 IQ points. I feel sorry Australia has to deal with our dimwitted rejects," said commentator RvD.

"Wannabe pretty boys and bimbo chicks who between the lot of them sound like a bunch of backstreet slappers with a combined IQ of a peanut!" said Royce.

Twitter users, who commented so much on the show the hashtag #TheGC started trending worldwide, echoed those sentiments.

"Man, The GC has been on for less than a minute and already I want to murder all of them," said Twitter user @Harfish.

@Kiwi_Chatter said: "Oh dear, watched 30 seconds of #TheGC and I haven't stopped cringing."

Others were more willing to give The GC another episode to find its feet.

"I actually loved the episode tonight. I'm now a huge fan," said @Ashley_Hunterxo.

And @AnnaESmart said: "#theGC Exactly what it promised to be.... What were the haters expecting? Tribal Art house and insightful social commentary?"

Watch the trailer for the show:

And listen to The GC's soundtrack single from Jade Louise, featuring a guest spot from rapper Savage:

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