You'd better like the latest incarnation of The Incredible Hulk - Mark Ruffalo has signed on to star in at least six films based on the muscular green monster.

The news comes on the back of the huge success of The Avengers, which opened to the biggest weekend opening the New Zealand box office has seen - a trend that has repeated around the world.

Ruffalo has signed on for a series of Hulk movie appearances - including Avengers sequels and a solo outing.

He said it was an easy decision to make.


"I was so impressed and blown away by how much (director Joss Whedon) packs into this movie and how exciting it is and what a great ride it is, and how it just works on every level," he told

Other stars to portray the Hulk include Eric Bana (in 2003's Hulk) and Edward Norton (2008's The Incredible Hulk).

- Herald online