It's New Zealand Music Month - the perfect opportunity to go in search of something new. Each day we're asking a member of our local creative fraternity to throw a little limelight on an artist or group they want you to know about.

Samuel Flynn Scott of The Phoenix Foundation first learned of The Eversons when they started sending witty replies to his posts on Twitter.

But it was later, and loosely thanks to John Banks, when he first heard them.

"I heard their song which was called something like Vote For Act, which they put out around the time of the election. It was all tied in with the whole Hipsters For Goldsmith shtick," says Scott.

He may have liked what he heard, but of course no one in New Zealand takes you seriously until you drunkenly accost them in a bar.


"Yeah he was really, really intense. He made quite an impression because he made me a bit scared. But then I went and checked out their music a bit more and realised, 'No they're really good'."

The Eversons are a Wellington four-piece who have just released their debut album, Summer Feeling.

"The singing is like a conversation between the protagonist - which is always sung by one guy in the band - and these replies in harmony from a couple of other dudes. It feels like ancient Greek theatre or something."

Scott particularly recommends the song Overseas, which has kindly been allowed to embed below.

"It's like these hilarious and bleak lyrics but sung with this awesome cheeriness and I think it maybe epitomizes what they're all about," he says.

"Which is very fun, bright, music with a cynical and hilarious undercurrent."

Would he get them to support The Phoenix Foundation?

"If they're as good live as they are on record then definitely."


The Eversons: Overseas

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