Niue is trying to lure Lady Gaga to its shores by promising the pop star that every member of the small island nation will attend her show.

The tiny island has a population of around 1600 people, and Niue Tourism Development Manager Hayden Porter has written to Gaga hoping she will include them on her upcoming world tour.

"We saw Lady Gaga was coming to New Zealand on her Monster Ball Tour, and we have so many fans here that we thought, how great would it be if she came to Niue?" Porter said.

"We know it's a crazy idea, but we figure that Lady Gaga is crazy enough that she may just go for it."


In the letter, Porter said having every member of a nation attend a pop star's show would be a world first.

"Being a remote Pacific Island, it does get a bit hard for us to keep up with the latest music; however you are one artist which has certainly struck a chord in this tiny nation of ours.

"So much so, that if you would like to reconsider a concert in Niue we can guarantee that the entire population will turn up for your concert.

"This is something which probably couldn't be achieved anywhere else in the world, and as far as we know has yet to be achieved by any artist in history."

Fans posed for photos with Gaga signs to promote their bid, and others took to Facebook to offer support.

"Good on ya Niue, AIM HIGH!!...will never know unless you try....all the best," said one poster.

- Herald online