Not so pretty: Richard Gere probably has a list of his favourite things tucked away somewhere - and guess what's apparently not on it? His 1990 rom-com hit Pretty Woman.

Say what?

That's the eyebrow-lifter screaming from the pages of Aussie mag Woman's Day this week, which quotes the actor as calling the movie his "least favourite thing".

Gere played wealthy businessman Edward Lewis in the movie, who falls in love with prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) during a business trip to Los Angeles.


Pretty Woman raked in $460 million worldwide at the box office, and solidified Gere's status as top leading-man material. Roberts also bagged a Golden Globe for her performance.

"People ask me about that movie but I've forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy," Gere reportedly told the mag while promoting his new financial thriller, Arbitrage.

"Grumpy" Gere also reportedly claimed that his character in the movie "helped contribute to the global financial crisis, as he glorified greedy and selfish Wall Street types," according to the mag.

"It made those guys seem dashing, which was so wrong. Thankfully, today, we are all more skeptical of those guys," Gere said.

"In the 1980s, relationships were all about status," Gere continued.

"I would rather be loved than have money and all that other stuff. I know now that I would rather have something that is true, something that is based on real love."

Speaking about his new movie, in which he plays a troubled hedge fund magnate, the 62-year-old actor said: "This is a much more serious movie that has some real cause and effect."

But hold fire before you pin your photo of Gere to a dartboard, ladies and gents.

"He did not give an interview to this publication," the actor's rep tells E! Online.

Echoed the rep to Access Hollywood: "All a bunch of BS. He didn't do an interview with that Australian publication."

And this from Gossip Cop: "We have no record of such an exclusive nor any interview for that matter with Gere and this publication."

But the mag is standing by its story.

"Woman's Day stands by our story and our journalist Henry Meller," a rep for Woman's Day told Access.

"He spoke to Mr Gere at the Sundance Film Festival ahead of and immediately after the premiere of Arbitrage.'"

Check out the Pretty Woman trailer below:

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