The new video from Watch the Throne stars Jay-Z and Kanye West comes with a warning that it can induce epileptic fits. That, and plenty of other goodies, is included in today's wrap of the best the web has to offer.

1. The song Ni**as in Paris is so popular that on their recent Watch the Throne tour, Jay-Z and Kanye West were forced to play it up to eight times a night - just check out the encore-after-encore setlists here. This guy likes it a whole lot too. So here's the head-spinning, mind-blowing, possibly epileptic fit-inducing new video for the track. It will make you see double. (Pitchfork)

2. No one really knows about English band Band of Skulls, but they'll do just nicely if you're missing The White Stripes' band of bluesy boy-girl alt-rock. Their new album Sweet Sour is streaming right here, so get your headphones on and have a little mosh at your desk.And check out the vid for Devil Takes Care of His Own as a sweet taster.(Spin)

3. Check out the Super Bowl's best ad that only screened in Nebraska, but has the web in a tizzy. It's Will Ferrell's beyond bizarre clip for Old Milwaukee . Apparently he likes the beer brand so much, he works for free. (Deadspin)


4. Die Antwoord stormed onto the set of The Late Show and weirded Letterman and his fans right out with their new single I Fink You Freeky. I can't help but think these guys are some kind of warped Chris Lilley creation. (YouTube)

5. They were one of the best bands at the recent Laneway Festival, so now's a great time for Cults to finally drop the video for their year-old single You Know What I Mean. Warning: Contains creepy masks, circus freaks and burn victims. (Pitchfork)

6. De La Soul have been quiet of late, and here's the reason why: They've been working on side project First Serve. Check out the cartoony new clip for Must B the Music. Reminds me of those old Misfits of Science videos. (NME)

7. OK GO have filmed another one of their crazy 'how did they do that?' videos, featuring a live performance of Needing/Getting while the band drives around in a car. If only the music matched the inventiveness of their clips, and they'd really be onto something. (YouTube)

8. Kiwi rapper PNC has dropped two new tracks: Take It All, featuring an all-star line-up of Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx and Percieve; and Polo, his theme song for Sonny Bill Williams' lame-as fight the other night. (Twitter)

9. If you haven't seen it, go check out the new trailer for The Bourne Legacy. And if you've recovered from the Ni**as in Paris clip, check out the trailer for fellow mindbender Upside Down.

10. And lastly, another trailer, but this one isn't for everyone: It's for Iron Sky, a film that comes with the must-watch tagline: "Nazis on the moon". It looks kinda fantastical, and it's taken them years to make it, so the least you can do is check it out. (First Showing)

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