Liam Gallagher would "prefer" to be in Oasis.

The Beady Eye frontman is still not talking to his brother Noel Gallagher - who quit Oasis in August 2009 after the pair fought in Paris - but he would like to be back in the band because it was his "life".

Speaking in an interview with Live magazine, he said: "I've still got the right hump and now the gloves are off. We're still not talking.

"If people think I'm going to be happy about the Oasis split, then they're wrong. Even though I love Beady Eye, I'd prefer to still be in Oasis, because that was my thing. Oasis was my life."


Despite his wish to still be with the Wonderwall hitmakers, the 39-year-old musician - who formed Beady Eye from the remaining members of Oasis following their 2009 split - admits he doesn't miss playing "big gigs" in front of "soulless masses of people".

He added: "This isn't a hobby for me. It's been great doing all these little shows, going back to square one. It's good to see the crowd and hear them. Long may that continue.

"Big gigs are soulless masses of people - I'm glad I've done them, but I don't miss them. I've got nothing to prove anyway."

- BANG! Showbiz