As eagerly anticipated as the battle between The Giants and The Patriots was the Super Bowl's famous commercial breaks. Going at US$3.5 million for a 30 second slot, advertisers are staging a popularity contest to an audience of more than 111 million fans worldwide.

Here were some of the best advertisements to grace the stage in 2012:

The Baby Sling: Doritos
Doritos held its annual 'Crash the Super Bowl' contest, allowing members of the public to create ad concepts which are then voted on online. After nearly 500,000 votes, this grandmother and baby combo made it to air, and shot straight to the top of ratings.

Just my Shell: M&M's
M&M's newest 'spokescandy' Ms Brown made her Super Bowl debut in this commercial.

The Dog Strikes Back: Volkswagen
Is Volkswagen's body-conscious dog better than 2011's tiny Darth Vader?

Ferris Bueller: Honda CR-V
Matthew Broderick takes another day off, this time on Honda.

It's Reinvented!: Toyota Camry
Toyota pulls out all the stops in this utopian gem.

Transactions (featuring Jerry Seinfeld): Acura
Dancing holographic monkey? Yes, please.

The Negotiator's Last Deal: Priceline
Priceline kill off their spokesman of 14 years as William Shatner meets a fiery end in this year's Super Bowl commercial.

GO Run Mr Quiggly: Sketchers
Dogs steal the advertising limelight. Again.

Vampire Party: Audi
Don't drive your Audi S7 to a vampire party or you'll be partying on your own.

'Best gift ever!': Chevrolet Camaro
The winner of Chevrolet's ad competition. The prize: a slot during the Super Bowl.