Acclaimed television drama Homeland has made its local debut online in a new initiative from TV3, and we've also got an album stream from Lana Del Rey, a movie still from the new James Bond film Skyfall and a new trailer from The Dictator in our wrap of the best things on the web today.

1. Homeland has already won several top awards - including a deserved best actress Golden Globe for the awesome Claire Danes - so TV3 is fast-tracking it onto screens here. In fact, you can already watch the first episode online ahead of its February 13 network debut. Check out the acclaimed drama, about an American Marine who is held prisoner for eight years in Iraq before returning to suburban life and being accused of being a terrorist, right here. (TV3)

2. She's the headline-grabbing singer with model looks widely tipped to be 2012's hottest new star, and her new album comes out on Monday. But you can listen to Lana Del Rey's Born to Die right now, if you can't wait that long.(NME)

3. Wondering what Daniel Craig's new James Bond film Skyfall is going to be like? Then sneak over here and have a gander at the first official still from the film. Looks intense. (Hollywood Reporter)


4. Kooky Icelandic singer Bjork sure has a weird accent - imagine a Cockney pixie and you come close. Here's an interview and performance on Stephen Colbert's late night comedy show. And yes, he asks her if she believes in elves. (Mediaite)

5. More trailer leaks ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl, this time a new clip from Sacha Baron Cohen's new film The Dictator. So that's what happened to Megan Fox. (First Showing)

6. Here's a new technicolour video clip for the song Ba-Zing from local electroclash outfit Badd Energy. My eyes hurt. (Cheese On Toast)

7. If you're wondering if that Superman reboot is going to be much chop, check out the new trailer for The Cold Light of Day, starring the new caped crusader himself, Henry Cavill. Bruce Willis is in there too, in what appears to be a Die Hard-style actioner knock off. (

8. Time for some new music, with No Way Back from creepy witch house project oOoOO, Silent Song from Grizzly Bear Daniel Rossen and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us from mock-rockers The Darkness.

9. You've seen Sean Penn before, but you've never seen him like he appears in This Must Be the Place, a film about a former goth-rocker trying to understand his dad after his death. Feast your eyes on the trailer, and the hair, here. (

10. Wondering what Madonna's new album is going to sound like? Here's the album art. My eyes! My eyes! (Hitfix)

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