Johnny Depp

's long-term partner

Vanessa Paradis

has finally broken her silence and addressed tabloid reports claiming their relationship is kaput.


Reports surfaced earlier this month that the Joe Le Taxi singer and Pirates of the Caribbean star were "living separate lives", and that their 14-year relationship was all but over.

Last week, People ran a cover story which suggested the pair had called it quits some time ago.

"My sense is that this is a couple which hasn't existed for two years," said a source.

"According to multiple sources ... [they] are all but officially finished," the magazine said.

Paradis rocked up solo in Paris on Tuesday for the premiere of her new film, Café de Flore, and kept mum about the speculation.

"You know, when I eat three peas, I'm pregnant. When I visit a city, I'm buying a house," she told radio station Europe 1 when probed about the rumoured split.

"In the winter I separate, in the summer I marry. It's been 15 years since I've been getting married every year. In addition I have to answer all these rumours!"

Paradis, who has two children with Depp - Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 9 - also set tongues wagging when she said she did not believe in marriage or soul mates because "if you lose your soul mate everything is done for".


Speaking about her latest flick, she said: "Cafe de Flore speaks of love, its joys, its pains and its dramas - to love and to lose. This story upset me, I was upside-down, in the depths of myself."

She added: "The idea of a soulmate is beautiful and very romantic to talk about it in a movie or a song, but in reality, I find it scary."

But Paradis, 39, has now finally put an end to the split speculation.

Speaking on French TV show Le Grand Journal on Wednesday, the actress-singer answered the burning question.

"The press is going on about this separation with Johnny Depp ... How do you handle these rumours?" probed show panelist Arianne Massenet.

"It depends which rumour," Paradis replied, according to, who translated the interview.

"People say we are buying houses in the middle of nowhere, or that we have 52 houses in France. And that is along with saying we split up every winter and get married every summer, and that I'm on my twelfth pregnancy.

"All that is not too serious, but this latest one is a rumour which could cause a lot of harm to my family and my children."

"These magazines end up in the fireplace or the toilet," she said of the recent break-up rumours. A line that wasn't translated by People, who ran the original cover story.

"Why don't you respond to the rumour and put an end to it? Is the rumour false?" pressed presenter Marc Denisot.

"Yes it's false - of course it's false," Paradis replied.

So there you have it!

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