Check out our wrap of all the best entertainment-related links on the web, including the Prometheus trailer, new Thom Yorke tracks, a Raekwon mixtape and new promos for hyped new films Wrong, The Devil Inside and, erm, Shark Pool.

1. Yes, this has been out for a week or so, but go watch the Prometheus trailer again anyways. After a nostalgic Hobbit promo ridden with deja vu and little else, and a so-so Batman one, Ridley Scott's new epic is surely gonna be the movie event of 2012. June 7 seems a long, long away right now. (

2. Two new solo Thom Yorke tracks have appeared online after the Radiohead front man created them for a Rag & Bone fashion show last last year. Check out the aneurysm-inducing Twist and woozy dubstep delights of Stuck Together here. (NME)

3. Looks like Tom from Home Brew took a Christmas holiday that was a little too long. His band mates started rehearsing for a new front man American Idol style - and here are the results. Warning: Includes bad language, violence and bad beards. (Twitter)


4. If you've ever seen the film Rubber, you're a stronger man than me. The directorial debut from Mr Oizo (Quentin Dupieux) was a tough watch, but his follow-up Wrong looks to be seven kinds of awkward awesomeness. Check out the trailer here. (

5. If you liked American Horror Story, you're gonna flip out over this. Check out The Devil Inside, an exorcism-related horror flick due out on February 2. The trailer delivered several genuine scares for me - and that was in a fully lit office in the middle of the day. Somebody hold my hand? Please? (Twitter)

6. Last year was a sporadic one for members of hip-hop collective the Wu-Tang Clan, but 2012 is already kicking off in style thanks to this brand spanking Raekwon mixtape. Download Unexpected Victories here and get a taster of it here. (Pitchfork)

7. You're a young band trying to write an album, so you head out to a deserted log cabin with a few guitars with the intention of writing some songs. Easy, right? Not in Vincent D'Onofrio's upcoming horror film Don't Go In The Woods. Check out the trailer here (

8. Here's another horror film trailer. The only difference is that Shark Pool is obviously a fake - but a very funny one. The line, "What are you? A marines biologist?" probably gives it away. Let's hope Steven Spielberg turns it into a full-length feature. (YouTube)

9. A dreamy new instrumental from The xx called Open Days has been out for a few days now. Use headphones. (PMA)

10. If you've never heard of Portlandia, you're obviously not a hipster. Congrats! Here's a preview of season two (it started in the US over the weekend) featuring the Battlestar Galactica marathon from hell. We've all been there. (YouTube)

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