There's good news and bad news for New Zealand metal fans wanting the headlining acts from Australia's Soundwave festival to cross the ditch for sideshows.

Promoters of Soundwave - a five-date touring Aussie metal fest run in late February and early March - have confirmed that headlining act System of a Down will perform in New Zealand, "providing we can find a venue".

Promoter AJ Maddah confirmed the news on Twitter, and that'll please SOAD fans hanging out for a show by the reunited thrash-metal act.

System of a Down last performed in New Zealand in 2005, but front man Serj Tankian owns property here and has performed solo several times.


The bad news is that nu-metal act Limp Bizkit won't be coming to New Zealand.

They "will not be doing any sideshows at all," Maddah said on Twitter.

Other Soundwave bands that have already confirmed New Zealand shows include Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, Sisters of Mercy and Unearth.

But there is no news on possible sideshows from Soundwave's other headlining acts Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Mastodon, Machinehead and Angels & Airwaves.

- Herald online