A widely panned American sitcom featuring Rhys Darby has been cancelled after just two episodes - but it's not the Kiwi comedian's fault.

Darby starred in How to be a Gentleman alongside Entourage's Kevin Dillon and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's David Hornsby - but the show has been axed after just the second episode aired in America.

Network CBS pulled the plug on the sitcom about a magazine etiquette writer after poor ratings and terrible reviews, moving the show's final seven episodes out of prime time and into a Saturday night slot.

It had just a 42 per cent rating on review aggregate site Metacritic, but Darby - in his first major TV role since Flight of the Conchords - was singled out by reviewers as the show's best asset.


Robert Canning from IGN from said Darby was "the only true bright spot in the pilot episode".

"You even got a sense that some of his better lines were improvised, which added to the feeling that this character will stand out a bit from the rest of the conforming stereotypes at play."

Just before the show's cancellation, Darby tweeted: "Hey America, watch Gentleman tonight ... or I might get deported."

- Herald online