Justin Timberlake and his Friends with Benefits co-star Mila Kunis have slammed reports that they've been exchanging sexually charged texts, photos and emails.

Scandal sheet TMZ reported last week that Kunis, 28, was the latest victim of a hacking ring believed to be thieving saucy snaps of female celebs, including Scarlett Johansson.

Just hours after Johansson's blush-worthy show and tell, TMZ claimed that Kunis' cellphone had also been hacked, and that its contents included a bevvy of saucy snaps and sexts - as well as a small (*cough*) cameo from Timberlake.

The website claimed that the pics showed Kunis in a bathtub, with her modesty intact and her head above water. While another purportedly showed her fictional bedfellow Timberlake shirtless and lying on a bed.


In addition, another of the four pics that were allegedly lifted was of the nudie variety, showing an unidentified man's family jewels.

So have these two really been secret sexting squirrels?

Reps for both stars tell People: "At no time did Mr Timberlake and Ms Kunis exchange inappropriate texts or emails. The insistence that there is any inappropriate correspondence between the two parties is entirely false.

Adds the statement: "We would like to confirm that the photo addressed in the media of Ms Kunis was in fact not from any phone but from an inactive email account that has not existed in three years. In regards to the other photos in question, they were never exchanged between the two parties."

The reps also threw in a tongue-in-cheek reference to Timberlake's classic SNL video D*** in a Box.

"In closing, Mr Timberlake would like us to make it clear that while he might write songs about putting things in boxes, he never has and definitely doesn't make a habit of taking any photos of them and sending them," the joint statement says, adding, "Ms Kunis would like us to add that while she is a fan of the song, she does not have nor has ever had photos of any male parts in her possession."


Both actors are working with authorities and will pursue any required legal action, according to People.


Meanwhile, no prizes for guessing what was top of Timberlake and Johansson's gossip agenda when they hooked up at NYC hot spot 10ak in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

"They were dancing and talking to each other all night like old friends," a spy tells Life & Style. "People were surprised that she showed up with him, but they both seemed happy to see each other."

According to the New York Post, the pair were spotted gum-flapping with actor Bradley Cooper and rocker Lars Ulrich.

Timberlake recently rekindled his on-again, off-again romance with Jessica Biel.

The spy adds: "You can tell the two are great friends and had a blast together. Scarlett seemed really into him, but he didn't seem interested because of Jessica Biel. It was like he just considers it a friendship."

It's not going to happen, Lohan

Lindsay Lohan won't be winning any popularity contests anytime soon. Not if the wayward starlet's rumoured bad behaviour at the recently-wrapped Fashion Week in NYC is anything to go by.

First, the Mean Girls actress was accused of tossing a drink at a photographer after she lost her rag at a V Magazine Black and White party on Wednesday.

According to The Cut, LiLo threw a tanty after spotting snapper Jasper Rischen - who was there taking snaps for the shindig's host.

Lohan allegedly threw a glass at Richsen, but she missed - hitting a cocktail waitress instead.

An onlooker wrote on Twitter: "Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for V."

LiLo's rep denied the charge, naturally.

"Lindsay did not throw anything at anyone, plain and simple. Making up stories about Lindsay has become a pastime for many people."

Then came the humiliation. Word is that Lohan was refused entry to a major Fashion Week party the following evening.

According to the New York Post, Lohan showed up to Marc Jacobs' after-party at Manhattan's trendy Dream Downtown hotel on Thursday night - but she wasn't welcome.

The Post claims Lohan and her pals were initially turned away at the door. And despite repeated attempts to persuade the door muscle to let them in, they were flatly told, "it's not going to happen".

So Lohan speed-dialed Dream Hotel owner Vikram Chatwal, who escorted her into the venue, according to gossip.

But it all went South in a matter of minutes, as Lohan was collared by a security guard and told she "wasn't welcome" at the swanky bash.

Not to be outdone, Lohan hoofed it to another party around the corner at the Electric Room, where she mingled with the likes of Rachel Zoe, Owen Wilson, Mick Jagger, L' Wren Scott and Courtney Love.

"The second these people walked in, she kept to her table," said a snitch. "She apparently realised more important people were in the room."

Of course she did. I can hear the thundering hooves of those magical unicorns, too.

And, yes, Lohan's rep has again poured scorn on reports she clamoured onto ego rock and bellowed an indignant "me, me, me!" during the fashion fest.

He tells Toofab.com: "Lindsay attended Fashion Week on business to see the collections, meet with designers, stylists and retailers and fulfill a few appearance commitments.

Adding: "She was extremely distressed at the level of media attention her presence attracted as well all the rumours that abounded during the week. These reports were completely false and made-up by people looking to exploit her for their own benefit and self-promotion."

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