An intimidating title, which makes it sound like a Government White Paper, a flatness of tone and some moderately ropey production values will probably deny this passionate self-funded film the audience that it deserves on the basis of its subject matter.

More than 60 years after India became independent and enshrined social equality in its constitution, the caste system remains deeply embedded in its social fabric. Its most benighted victims are more than 166 million Dalits or Untouchables, whose lot is even worse than that endured by blacks in apartheid-era South Africa. Jennifer Ward-Lealand narrates and Keith Hill is credited as co-writer. It takes a simple talking-heads approach and, in delivering a comprehensive survey of the history of casteism, warns that prejudices are alive and well, not just in India but in many emigrant communities.

Stars: 3/5
Producer: Mandrika Rupa
Running time: 70 mins
Rating: M (content may disturb)
Verdict: Shocking and important.

- TimeOut