Dave Grohl dreams that Kurt Cobain is still alive and they have reformed Nirvana.

The Foo Fighters rocker - who was the drummer of the grunge rock band until Kurt died in 1994 - worked with their third bandmate Krist Novoselic on his current group's latest album and says the experience made him think Nirvana had reformed when he was asleep.

He explained: "I've had a few dreams where Kurt shows up and I'm so blown away. 'Wait, you never died?' For whatever reason, he'd just been hiding.

"And the three of us get together to be band again. It's totally weird."

The Rope singer also admitted that having producer Butch Vig - who worked on Nirvana's Nevermind - on board the Foo Fighters latest record 'Wasting Light' also triggered the dreams.

He said: "It brought back some really funny memories. When you're with people who were there at the same time, you feel like you're there again."

Kurt - who famously battled an addiction to heroin - died after receiving a gunshot wound to the head in what was thought to be a successful suicide bid and Dave wonders what he would be like if he was alive today.

He told Seven magazine: "I don't know. He's probably be the same 25, 26-year-old he was. Unfortunately we'll never know."

- BANG! Showbiz