The JaneDear Girls were touted as the top new duo at the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this year, before the release of this debut album. Utah's Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett from Texas do not disappoint with this rustic, yet raunchy collection of songs that are just as appropriate for square dancing as for a night out uptown.

Taylor Swift paved the way, appealing to country-lovers outside the US and so will this sassy duo. Think Swift wrapped in Winehouse with some leather-clad Rihanna thrown in for good measure.


Songs like

Free Ride

play on their country girl-tease personas, and ballards like

Saturdays in September

give them a chance to show off those treacle-sweet harmonies but

Merry Go Round

, with its use of autotune, bass and lyrics like "make your back seat wiggle" proves these girls are much more than a harmonica and a banjo.

- TimeOut