George Michael

has trashed tabloid reports that he has split from partner of 15 years,

Kenny Goss




The Sun


had pulled the proverbial plug on their relationship, claiming he'd "had enough of the wayward pop star's lifestyle".

'Lifestyle' being the tab's whopper of an euphemism for Michael's well-documented jail-baiting, drug-driving escapades - like crashing his car into a London shop while high on cannabis last July.

The former Wham! star served four weeks in the slammer last year after pleading guilty to two drug charges, and spent the remainder on probation.

he deserved to be jailed, and admitted to feeling "ashamed" over the incident.

He said of his prison spell: "I was paying my karmic bill. I deserved my punishment and appreciate being given the chance to start again."


Despite the fact that Goss had stood by the singer through his catalogue of headline-hogging woes,

The Sun

boomed yesterday that the relationship was kaput.

A source 'close to the couple' was quoted as saying: "The writing has been on the wall for some time. There are only so many second chances Kenny was prepared to give. He's been loyal to George from day one, but that hasn't always been reciprocated."

Adds the source: "Kenny runs an incredibly successful gallery. With Kenny in the US, they spend so much time apart - and that's got worse over the last couple of years.

"It's really sad, but hopefully this could be the wake-up call George needs."

Consider George most definitely wide-awake and tuned in to the goss. He's come out guns blazing to call 'BS' on the split reports.



singer phoned daytime TV show

The Wright Stuff

yesterday to refute the claims.

Before dialling in, he'd earlier taken to Twitter, asking fans to contact the programme on his behalf.

"Would someone Tweet @5wrightstuff and tell them the Sun is lying through its teeth as usual," he wrote. "They r trying to overshadow my apologies I presume..."

Michael eventually called the show himself and spoke to the presenter.

"It's totally untrue. It's just a desperate attempt to overshadow the fact that I finally got the chance to say sorry to everybody," he said.

"The BBC leaked some stuff about the interview I did with [DJ] Chris Evans on Friday, which is for Comic Relief. There was some talk about an interview before Christmas about my time in prison but I decided I didn't really want to do that. I didn't want to exploit the situation because I took it very seriously," he explained.

"So yesterday when I saw these things that the BBC put out - where I basically said sorry and realised I deserved everything that happened and felt I had a karmic bill to pay - I think they thought I was getting good press so they came up with this.

"This morning I was hoping that I was going to get nice publicity for Comic Relief and also a chance to say sorry before I put music out again, and I get that Kenny's walked out on me which is complete bulls**t... sorry!

He quipped: "Can I just say that Kenny has an equally colourful life!"

"Kenny and I had had out problems but I love him very much, he's never objected to my lifestyle and he's never once tried to walk out on me."

Meanwhile, the former singer is set to release a new single next week, a cover of New Order's

True Faith


Video: George Michael blasts split reports

On ya, George!

Jennifer Aniston makes a 'sex tape'

The former


actress stars in a viral video, jokingly marketed as 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape', for bottled water brand Smartwater.

"I'm Jennifer Aniston and I'm here to talk to you about Smart Water, but in this day in age, apparently, I can't just do that," she says, pouting into the camera. "I have to make a video, apparently, that turns into a virus. ... Right, sorry, viral."

Cue puppies, dancing babies, a double rainbow...and Aniston kicking a bloke in the groin. "Sorry," she says. "I've just been told that's worth about a 100,000 hits."

The clip ends with her "Internet boys" deciding to call the video "Jen Aniston's sex tape."

She says of the title, "I love it!"

Do you?

Kylie Minogue's emotional interview

Pop princess


broke down in tears during an emotional interview on Australian TV over the weekend.

The singer, who has been clear of cancer for five years, was overcome with emotion as she described her struggle to beat the disease during an interview with television programme

Sunday Night


Interviewer and close friend

Molly Meldrum

caught the singer off guard when he highlighted how her illness had encouraged more women to get themselves screened for the disease.

"A lot of girls have gone and had tests because of you," Meldrum said. The singer's eyes then welled up and she dashed off to compose herself.

She returned a few minutes later and said: "The greatest part of my job and what I do is the humanity of it and there's certain moments where that really cuts through.

"I'm sorry. I'm so 'go, go, go'.

"I hadn't really had time to give a thought about that until I was telling you.

"It just stops me in my tracks. I hadn't thought about that since then."

Minogue, 42, had earlier welled up when describing a visit to a children's ward she made shortly after her treatment started in 2005.

"I was talking to some parents across a bed, and their child was there. I was saying the things that I would normally say in that situation, just making conversation, giving them some support, and then they caught me off guard," she said.

"They just eyeballed me and said: 'How are you, and we hope you get through it', and it's like ..."

When Meldrum complimented her on her bravery, Minogue said: "You might have seen the bravery but I don't think the public saw, well, I stayed indoors and it was my family who supported me through the really rotten, dark moments."

She continued: "Anyone who's been through cancer or any other disease with surgeries and treatments knows you have constant reminders that this is not how it used to be. I think my path is written," she added.

"Even if part of you wants to say, 'OK I get it, I'm used to this', another part of you takes a lot longer to catch up with it and get with the programme."

Asked if she she'll ever get married to

Andres Velencoso

and have kids, she replied: "It might happen! Who knows! He's a natural with children," she said. "Ages ago I remember being asked about that and I said that I imagine myself having children before getting married, and now we'll just have to see. I'm not sure if that's part of my future."

She added: "There's more than one way to skin a cat. It's important for women to know there are other options available, whatever means you have to use to have a family - if that's your desire, go for it."

A remarkably honest interview from a gorgeous, talented, brave and inspiring soul. All the very best to you, Minogue.

Mingoue is currently on the road with her

Aphrodite Les Folies Tour


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Daniel Craig in drag

James Bond


Daniel Craig

puts a new spin on Bond girl by dressing in drag for a new film supporting women's rights.

Craig stars in the PSA, decked out in a blonde wig, patterned dress, black tights and high heels, to promo International Women's Day. The day aims to highlight the inequalities experienced by women around the world.

Narrated by

Judi Dench

- M in the


flicks - who promptly asks the star: "For someone with such a fondness for women I wonder if you've ever considered what it might be like to be one."

Catch the video, lensed by

Nowhere Boy


Sam Taylor-Wood

, below:

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