A quick word with Brooke Fraser, Jason Kerrison of Opshop and Jeremy Redmore of Midnight Youth about the connections between fine vino and good songs as they head out on their joint winery tour starting tomorrow at Ascension Estate in Matakana.

So a winery tour - aren't you guys a bit young for this?

Brooke Fraser:

Nope. And it's my second winery tour, too. I suppose us "young" guys are just greedy.

Jason Kerrison of Opshop:


Definitely, Opshop's way too young for this type of carry on! I don't know what the promoters were thinking having three smoking hot young infinitely over-talented acts. May not be a good look but I wonder if we'll be allowed to bring our zimmer frames on the road?

Jeremy Redmore of Midnight Youth:

We probably are, yeah. I think we're mainly acting as the candy of the bill for prowling cougars.

What's the best wine drinking song in the world ever?

A Case of You

- Joni Mitchell, which is pretty self explanatory.


If I had to pick one it would be


Lilac Wine

- Jeff Buckley. Heaven sent.


For me, wine is a drink of pure romance, so I reckon something like


by Prince.

Take one of your songs that you will be playing at the shows and tell us the best wine (or beer, if you must lads) match to go with it?


I'd swallow

Crows + Locusts

down accompanied by a meaty cab sav or

Something In the Water

with a crisp semillon sav (or a Five Seeds cider).


Sunday's Best Clothes


Until The End of Time

. I recall sipping my first glass on a Sunday morning at church under the assertion that it was the blood of some dead guy and would eventually save me from my sins. Quite a clever way to be indoctrinated into the drinking and sin culture I would have thought. I don't mean to offend anyone but 'In vino veritas'. PS: How do they get away with that? So, a cold Heineken or a Moa would go down nicely actually with this track noting that on Sundays I now have an aversion to red wine. Random but nonetheless true.


I think, at these shows,


would go down smooth accompanied by the stately glass of Rheineck.

And if you had to bottle one of your songs which one would taste the best when you crack it open in a few years time?

I think


still tastes pretty good and it's been aging for four years now.


Love Will Always Win

- There's a hint of impermanence to it so will age well, it's full bodied, well balanced, and it's got legs. Who doesn't want love to win? Sophisticated investors are already all over it.



- it's got some seriously great top notes.

What is unique about playing at a winery do you think?

Playing outdoors is an unusual element all on its own (unless you're playing open-air stadiums, which I'm most certainly not), but throw in gorgeous scenery, being out of the urban sprawl, a multi-bill and good vino, and you have yourself a winning combo.


Undulating vineyards, juicy weather, lingering melodies and memories, charming people (cougars and manthers will be in attendance - caveat emptor).


Well, they're all a little way out of major cities and towns, so I think they give people who come along a sense of escape - it seems like the kind of atmosphere where people do things they wouldn't normally do and we'll be encouraging that.

What do you admire about your tour mates, other than their music of course?

Jason's ability to wear long-sleeved shirts in the height of summer (see the official winery tour photos) and his radio voice (speaking). Jeremy's spectacles and ninja-like stature - he always looks like he's ready to come at you with a running fly-kick.


Brooke is always well presented and surrounds herself with exquisite musicians and Jeremy is unrepentant about looking like Bob Dylan and the rest of the band look like your not so average hot hairdressers.


We've heard they're all pretty hardcore rockers - so we'll be looking to learn a few new tricks from their wealth of experience.

What might a Brooke Fraser, Opshop, Midnight Youth musical collaboration sound like?

A stringed, amplified baby animal wearing a velvet cape. Perhaps a fawn or leopard cub.


As long as Opshop stay out of the mix - well me - I think it'll have a nice bouquet. (I'm not good on the jams.)


You never say never, but if it did happen I'd say it would sound exactly like Seal's "Best Of" album.



The Winery Tour with Brooke Fraser, Opshop and Midnight Youth

Where & when:

Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana, Feb 4; Marina Reserve, Tutukaka, Feb 6; Brunton Rd Wines, Gisborne, Feb 11; Black BarnVineyard, Havelock North, Feb 12-14; Alana Estate, Martinborough, Feb 13; Arena Manawatu, Palmerston North, Feb 16; Sentry Hill Estate, New Plymouth, Feb 17; Wharepai Domain, Tauranga, Feb 17; Riverside Park Unison Amphitheatre, Taupo, Feb 20; Mystery Creek, Hamilton, Mar 4; Villa Maria Estate Winery, Auckland, Mar 5