Jamie Bowen, comedian.

What is your hobby?

I wanted to write "bronco tamer" or "lemming farmer" here, but I'm not that exciting. So, in short, my hobby is cooking.

Why did you choose that?

"Bronco tamer" and "lemming farmer" both required too much time, effort and skill level.


What do you enjoy about it?

I don't have to talk - unless I'm having a disagreement with a vegetable or piece of meat. Then I'll berate it into complying. Most of the time it works but recently, a zucchini got the better of me in an argument.

Is it expensive?

Only when the zucchinis band together to form a union and I have to pay out on workers' disputes. Who knew they were so organised?

What do your friends and family think?

That I need some more friends in my life and that I should stop arguing with inanimate vegetables.