Has Victoria Beckham finally fronted up and acknowledged one of the worst-kept secrets in celebridom?

In an interview with Vogue , the former Spice Girl vaguely admits to having an op up on top, and that she had her breast implants removed.

Speculation kicked off back in 2000 that Lady Becks had gone under the knife to have her assets inflated - taking her from a 34A to DD. Reports later claimed that she then had the implants removed seven years later.

The pouty one vehemently denied she'd had a boob job. Beckham maintained she was "completely natural, except for my fingernails and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a San Tropez [fake tan] going on."

However, during her sit-down with Vogue the WAG turned fashion designer let slip that she's had her implants removed.

"No torpedo bazookas, either. Gone," she told the interviewer, but refused to elaborate further. Not that she needed to. That counts as an admission, surely?

Good job, Vic. The 'two wrestling Kojaks squished down my bra' look was a bit much. But each to their own.

Need a refresher on the ups and downs of Beckham's assets? Voila. The Daily Mail's cup runneth over.

'You look really c**p'

In the same Vogue interview, Vic also opens up about her 11-year marriage to metrosexual soccer stud David, admitting that he's not Mr Perfect after all.

"The other morning I looked across at David just after he'd woken up and thought you look really c**p," she reveals. "Thank God, because this is a man who always looked so perfect."

Must have been a one-off, because back in October she told Marie Claire magazine that her man was the poster boy for perfection.

"He just naturally looks good all the time. He never looks like s*** in the morning. Never," she said.

"So he's sitting there sending his e-mails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him.

"And I thought, you done good, girl. I sure wasn't thinking of his high-pitched voice."

Vic also admits in the Vogue interview that she regrets looking like a Debbie Downer in photographs.

She tells the mag that she's a happy gal, but "freezes" when she's papped.

"I'm a positive person," she says. "I always look at my miserable face and think, 'Why didn't I just smile?' because I'm quite a happy, smiley person. But when I see the paparazzi, I freeze."

She adds: "Maybe that's my safety wall after all the years of crap. Still, at least the bag looks fabulous."

Now Vic, that's no way to talk about your man!

The Great Wall of Lohan

So Lindsay Lohan's shacking up next door to ex-lover Samantha Ronson, this much we know. Suffice to say the idea of sharing wall space with LiLo has Ronson breaking out in hives - she's fuming.

Word is that despite earlier reports claiming LiLo would re-pack her bags and move in order to keep the peace with Ronson, she's now staying put. And she has a plan for privacy...

RadarOnline reports that LiLo wants to build a giant fence between her and Ronson's properties in Venice, California - so that the DJ can't "spy or see" what she's up to.

"It will give both of them some space and privacy," says a source, "and it will ensure neither of them can see or spy on each other!"

Oh, the nerve of it all. She's got some brass that Lohan.

Eva Longoria is dating...Penelope Cruz's brother?

Well she didn't hang about. The Desperate Housewives star is reportedly rebounding after her split from hubby Tony Parker with Penelope Cruz's brother, Eduardo.

Word is the pair has been spending quite some time together, and the duo spent Christmas Eve at Longoria's home, according to a nosy neighbour.

In what OK! magazine dubs as a potential 'morning after' scene, the duo was spotted barefoot (oh, the scandal!) in Longoria's garage.

"They were clearly very comfortable with each other," a source tells OK! "They started to rummage around in Eva's Range Rover, getting some bags out."

"He's there at least three nights out of every four - he turns up and he leaves the next morning," the snitch says, adding, "they are trying desperately to stay beneath the radar."

Longoria's rep has, naturally, given the romance reports the big thumbs down, insisting they're "just friends."

I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on these two.

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* Nick Cannon shows his undying love for Mariah Carey

* Keira Knightley gets ghostly in Vogue Italia

* Britney Spears: Hold It Against Me demo leaks

* Nicole Kidman covers Harper's Bazaar

* Katie Price is planning to announce her separation from Alex Reid next month. On their first anniversary. Nice

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