Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly dumped Shane Warne just a week after their relationship was made public.

The former cricketer - who spent two nights with 45-year-old Elizabeth earlier this month while he was in London shooting for a television show - is believed to have infuriated the British beauty by sending sexy text messages to another woman at the same time he was romancing her, leading to her calling off their romance.

According to reports, Shane began texting married business owner Adele Angeleri after meeting her in Melbourne with the hope of using a jacket from her shop in an advertisement.

A source said: "They exchanged numbers then Shane kept coming into Adele's shop, chatting her up and texting her.

"At one point he asked if she was married and was told the truth. Shane made all the running but Adele was flattered by the attention. Soon the texts were coming in daily."

He told Adele he wanted to see how "soft" her lips were before adding: "I want to see you riding me."

The messages came to light when Adele had a fight with her husband Denis, who contacted Shane, leading him to deny anything serious was happening.

The sports star told him: "There weren't that many texts anyway."

Denis told the Sunday Mirror: "As a person who has a wife who was pursued by him at the same time as Liz, I can tell you that it's hard to be a fan when you see the texts and how he works.

"My message to Liz would be steer well clear."

Shane, 41, took to twitter on Saturday to talk about love, but did not mention Elizabeth.

He wrote: "No matter what anyone says if you know in your heart how you feel about anything or anyone who cares what people think / say !!! (sic)"

However, Elizabeth has not mentioned the cricket legend, instead enjoying the snow in England.

She wrote on twitter: "It is the stillest day here. The thigh high snow has soundproofed our world. Even the mad budgie is silently staring out of the window....(sic)"

- BANG! Showbiz