Rating: 3/5

The third entry in this mildly beloved fantasy franchise benefits from being ocean-bound, but fails to offer much for the grown-ups. The two younger Pevensies, Lucy and Edmund, are once again drawn into the magical world of Narnia, this time with their snotty cousin Eustace (Son of Rambow's Will Pouter, who generates the film's best moments). Rescued from a watery fate by the now King Caspian, they join him on a perilous journey across Narnia's seas. There is thankfully less wide-eyed wonderment and more narrative movement here than in the previous entries. Director Michael Apted (taking over from Kiwi Andrew Adamson) displays slightly more affection for subtlety than his predecessor, but this is predominantly for the kids. Still, it's remarkable how much goodwill a decent sea-serpent can engender.

Rated PG: 117 minutes. 3D sneaks this weekend, 2D-wide release December 9.