It's time to get jive talkin' people because Robin Gibb is boogying his way into town for next Monday's Vector Arena show that will include many Bee Gees hits. The

Saturday Night Fever

-era is what I associate the Bee Gees with most - I was far too young to watch the movie but not to dance to songs like


Stayin' Alive


Jive Talkin

' off the classic soundtrack. And also worth turning up early for will be the Pointer Sisters, who will get you so excited you won't be able to hide it.

On the local front hip-hop soul singer and rapper Ladi6 and band play the Powerstation tomorrow night in celebration of second album

The Liberation Of ...

, and also touring in support of their debut album

Sand On Chrome

are Hawkes Bay country rock band Devils Elbow, who are at the Thirsty Dog on Saturday.


The television event of the week will be the final episode ever of

Outrageous Fortune

(Tuesday, 8.30pm, TV3). Not being an avid watcher of the show like, it seems, the rest of the country, I'll leave you to read our coverage. However, I did see the recent episodes when Van (played by Antony Starr) was in life drawing classes and he is one class clown who will be missed.

Also finishing this week is San Francisco-based detective drama

Human Target

(Wednesday, 9.30pm, TV2) with Christopher Chance in an action-packed finale where the back story to his team is revealed.

Meanwhile, if you like a bit of comedy with your travel show check out

Learn India With Hamish and Andy

(Thursday, 8.30pm, TV3) as the try-anything Australian comics are let loose in Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond.


It's a big week for

Outrageous Fortune

's Antony Starr. He also stars as forest ranger John Drean in

After the Waterfall

, the debut feature by New Zealand director Simone Horrocks set on Auckland's west coast. Following the disappearance of his young daughter in the bush, the film looks at the impact it has on him and his family.

Also starting this week is

The Killer Inside Me

starring Casey Affleck as unassuming sociopath Lou Ford, which is something he plays well if you remember him as Robert Ford in the Jesse James film from a few years ago; and for something idiotic and puerile with 3D effects, the nut bars from


are back with their third film, only this time it's in 3D.


Have fun with your fireworks tomorrow night, but - and sorry to sound like your dad - play safe. If you're not content with your DIY backyard displays, there are a few Guy Fawkes shows on around Auckland, including the big Waitakere Fireworks Display at Trusts Stadium on Sunday.