Channelling her inner Egyptian queen at the Emmy Awards yesterday, Anna Paquin opted for a black Alexander McQueen silk charmeuse dress with a gold gladiator-style breastplate that a CNN blogger reckoned would be better at home in a bullfighting ring.

The NBC website called it "a seriously high-fashion gown," Women's Wear Daily said Paquin "turned heads," while Hollywood Today described it as a black and gold Madonna 80's dress."

The fashion police at E Online said A-Paqs "went from blushing bride to Mad Max in this avant-garde McQueen dress. We'd hate on the unflattering gold armour and satin bed sheet hot mess if we weren't so scared that the True Blood star would kick some butt right now - she looks pissed!"

Unlike most stars who were snapped at the after-party bashes still wearing their glamour frocks, A-Paqs changed into another McQueen number: a simple little black dress and tangerine clutch. Is she hoping to get some fashion brownie points by showing her devotion to the designer who passed away earlier this year? The destination was the HBO party and she was snapped cuddling up to her newlywed husband Stephen Moyer.

As the award ceremony adopted social media in a bid to interact with the fans, A-Paqs adopted a similar approach when it came to photos. E Online claims Paquin, Moyer and their co-star Alexander Skarsgard chatted and took photos with everyone.

The Hollywood entertainment website gushed: "Even 'tho [sic] Paquin was heard whispering 'Oh no, more photos?' to her hubby, the babe put on her fabosh smile and politely talked to everyone who approached her."

On the red carpet, Ryan Seacrest quizzed about the honeymoon. "Hopefully soon," Paquin said without giving much away. Perhaps there's no plan yet while their hit show is in full swing and there is publicity to exploit.

It's no surprise the ambitious pair have chosen Hollywood over honeymoon. They may have declared they wanted privacy for their big day, but it's no coincidence they chose to hold their nuptials during primetime publicity season as the third series of True Blood airs on HBO. Every episode in the life of A-Paqs and Moyer evidently is a valuable marketing opportunity.

On the red carpet, A-Paqs revealed how much the job means. "Our job comes first and we're both wonderfully obsessive about our work," Anna said.

"And we've been doing it a long while... We've been doing the show a long while and we've been acting a long while,' Moyer added. "We just do the job."

Thankfully he was more sentimental about his wedding day, gushing to Seacrest on the red carpet: "It was lovely.... "It was a great day... It couldn't have been better." Moyer joked they shared the big day with "a few thousand friends and family." They didn't share it with the bride's hometown. The couple have yet to divulge any wedding news to their Kiwi fans or grant an interview with New Zealand media. Here's hoping....