U2 will play in Auckland in November with tickets starting from $40, half the price of the cheapest tickets at their last concert here.

The band have announced they will be playing at Mt Smart Stadium on November 25 as part of their 360 degree tour.

The tour's new stage structure, which has a raised platform that lets punters see the action from all four sides, will allow more people to see the gig - the reason tickets will start at $39.90.

The tour's promoters expect crowds in excess of 50,000 for the Auckland show, 5000 more than the 2006 Vertigo tour.

The stadium has already started installing extra seating, at the embankment end of the ground. It will also be used for Warriors' playoff games - should the rugby league team's surge win it home playoffs - and Bon Jovi, who are due to play on December 5.

"It was important to the band that we were able to bring the whole 360 degree production to Australia and New Zealand so fans could experience the latest of U2's legendary productions," says U2's manager Paul McGuinness.

The Irish band's stage set includes a four-pronged steel structure - dubbed "the claw" - rising 45m above the stage.

With a cylindrical video system and interlocking screens and rotating bridges, the stage will allow full view by all fans no matter where they are seated.

Giving all fans an unobstructed view is something the industry had been trying to figure out for some time.

"U2 has always been at their best when surrounded by their audience and this extraordinary production makes that happen in stadiums," said McGuinness.

The tour has earned $400 million already and last year the band grossed $182m, making them the world's highest-earning band.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, September 3.