Seven days in the life of the TV2 presenter

Friday night drinks? Meet me at:

One of the boys' places to watch the game.

Where I'll be wearing my new:



And this weekend I'm planning on:

Playing footie, watching the Warriors give the Rabbitohs a hiding and catching the new

Karate Kid


But first I'll need to refuel at my favourite cafe:

Orvieto in Mt Eden.

Saturday evening. If my dreams came true there would be a gig by:

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Always regretted not going to see him when I was 10.


But if there's nothing else doing I'll probably just:

Spend a nice quiet evening with my wife and a bottle of red.

On my stereo/headphones right now is:Life FM. The books I can't put down are:

The Andre Agassi biography.

The TV show I take the phone off the hook for:

Just the Job



and (shamefully)

Desperate Housewives


The movie I've been dying to see:



A non-cooking Monday night means takeaways from:

A little Thai place down the road.

Or a splash-out Wednesday night restaurant would be:

A quiet sake bar that doesn't have karaoke.

* Clinton Randall presents Just The Job on Saturdays at 9.30am on TV2