The boys from Back of the Y have finally grown up - and incredibly, their new sitcom, Bogan Family Films, even has tightly written storylines.

"The thing, is you can only do the same thing over and over again for so long," says Matt Heath, who, along with cohort Chris Stapp, is the brains behind the Bogan Family series.

In the past the pair have had a haphazard and chaotic approach to making TV but the new show, which starts next Thursday at 10pm on C4, is more focused and story driven.

"There was no challenge being filthy anymore," says Heath laughing. "Stories and the characters are what count. I always thought people were stupid when they said that because I like stunts and explosions. But the truth is that kicking someone in the nuts is way funnier if you know the [background of the] guy, and the guy who's kicking him."

Based loosely on Heath and Stapp's lives, Bogan Family Films revolves around film-making brothers Matt and Chris Bogan who hire themselves out to businesses and organisations to shoot low-budget films and promotional material.

However, inevitably the Bogan brothers get carried away and what they come up with is an action-packed, and quite often bloody, "masterpiece".

"We came up with this Steptoe and Son-type family that were like plumbers but made films - because our way of making films and television has always been scummy."

They also created characters like their older brother Darryl (a prize "dick"), saucy love interest Kristen, and cousin Muffman (played by Spanners Watson from Back of the Y).

Their realisation about the importance of plot and storytelling came while they were travelling around the world going to film festivals with 2007 film The Devil Dared Me To.

"We would be watching it over and over again at these festivals and kept noticing what was wrong with the story. We got really into studying how you write stories and the important bits of stories."

When they got back the pair filmed another series of Back of the Y ("Which was the filthiest thing we've ever done") and with that out of their system they sat down at the pub and came up with Bogan Family Films.

"We spent the most time on it out of anything we've done," says Heath, whose favourite TV shows include Lost and US comedy Eastbound and Down, about a washed up baseball player who returns to his hometown to be a PE teacher.

"We made sure right from the start it all meant something and went somewhere. And the six [episodes] all tie together and kind of work as a movie ... that was our brief."

However, fans of the pair's puerile antics and reckless stunts from Back of the Y and The Devil Dared Me To, need not worry because there's still plenty of irresponsible, anti-social behaviour. And lots of boozing.

For example, in the first episode, Weekend at Jesus's, the boys make an Easter movie where you'll see everything from Jesus getting a lapdance to outbursts by a foul-mouthed vicar.

Heath says they are also looking at selling the show overseas.

"There is a need for late night comedy, like Eastbound and Down, that doesn't need to look as flashy as some of the more beautiful looking shows like Glee or whatever."

What: Bogan Family Films, new TV series from the makers of Back of the Y.
Where & when: C4, Thursdays, 10pm