Random recommendations: The Phoenix Foundation's new album Buffalo may not have blown my socks off, but live its title track can be a stampeding monster and there's a chance to experience that at the Powerstation tomorrow night. On Saturday the same venue hosts veteran Brazilian star Jorge Ben and his samba-funk band for a show which should improve the game of any All Whites present. And expat Auckland singer-songwriter Damien Binder pops back from Sydney for a show at Parnell's Windsor Castle on Saturday supported by Miriam Clancy and former stellar* bassist Kurt Shanks.


And something of an in-between week on the small screen too, though Friday night is looking up with the arrival of supergroup sketch comedy show Radiradirah (that's them on the cover). American Idol is heading towards its finals next week, as is the final-ever season of Lost (though last night's ancient flashback episode sure dampened the excitement huh?). But for he oddest 90 minutes you are likely spend on the couch this week there is always tonight's V48HOURS film contest grand final on C4.


Bit of an in-between week with the new flicks opening today. Among them are two quirky romantic comedies in Paper Heart and Every Jack Has His Jill. There's action flick The Losers, which sounds curiously like a spoiler to the forthcoming A-Team movie.

For more cerebral tastes there's Camino, a tale of modern Spanish sainthood, and The Box. Directed by Richard Kelly of Donnie Darko fame and starring Cameron Diaz, the latter is about a couple given a box with a button and told if they push it they get a million bucks - but someone they don't know will die as a result. Sign on now for the inevitable cult following...


There was, of course ice-skating in The Incredibles care of fellow superhero Frozone - so it kind of fits that the Pixar characters are part of the Disney on Ice show Disneyland Adventure which takes over Vector Arena for seven performances from today. They join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, various fairy princesses, a Toy Story star or two and many more in the skating extravaganza.