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Excited screams and shrieks welcomed teen pop star Justin Bieber as he arrived in Auckland late last night.

The 16-year-old Canadian singer was greeted by about 500 Kiwi fans - most of them young girls - as he came through the Auckland International Airport arrival gates.

As the fans swarmed towards him, police and airport security staff quickly escorted him out a side door and into a waiting black SUV.

Screaming girls tried to follow, and even after the star had left the excitement stayed at fever pitch.

But on the sideline, groups of waiting parents were much more subdued, yawning as they waited for the children's big occasion to be over.

Some of the fans were at the airport four hours before Bieber arrived.

He will be in New Zealand for only one day and will perform one private show, at South Auckland's Academic Colleges Group Strathallen school, in Papakura.

A close watch is being kept on the star - extra security has reportedly been brought in at the hotel in which he is staying, and at the school.

Security was also increased last night at the airport.

The moves follow Bieber's weekend visit to Sydney, where his only public show was cancelled.

Australian police pulled the plug on the free public show at Sydney Harbour after dozens of young girls were trampled.

The incident happened after Bieber, who was scheduled to perform at 7.40am, was rumoured to have arrived early.

That caused a huge crowd surge at about 2am, and dozens of young fans were trampled, and some had to be treated for minor injuries by paramedics at the scene.