One's famous for stripping off in Playboy; and the other's the famous offspring of a playboy, but the mother-daughter duo that is Rachel Hunter, 40, and Renee Stewart, 17, will jet home to Auckland this month on a secret trip to present a new range of Pantene products to the New Zealand market.

The pair filmed a television commercial together in Singapore for the haircare brand. It's Stewart's first big modelling job and she's following in the footsteps of her famous mum who swished her mane in the '90s and breathlessly declared, "... but it will happen".

Despite his multi-million-dollar fortune, Rod Stewart has always insisted that his children should earn their own living. Renee is an accomplished dancer and was an aspiring child actress. She had bit parts in horror flicks Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (at aged seven) and Skeleton Man (aged 12) according to IMDB.

Hunter has reportedly never actively encouraged her daughter to choose modelling as a career. But let's face it, what does the daughter of a model do?

Even step-sister Kimberley and step-mum Penny Lancaster have worked as sometime-models, posing and preening in their undies for lingerie label Ultimo – the brand that famously dumped Rod's wife Penny in favour of his ex Rachel.

Hunter has said: "I just want to let my kids grow up at their own pace and have a normal childhood. Modelling is a job that I've chosen for myself, so I really don't like bringing Renee into my world. That's something that she has to decide for herself and I don't think it's fair to put that pressure on her."

Rach and Ren are following in the footsteps of other famous mother and daughter marketing teams like Madonna and Lourdes, left, who this week announced they're launching their own junior fashion label together called Material Girl that will retail in Macys.

Goldie and Kate have never missed a beat to strut the red carpet together to enhance their own careers. Two is always better than one. And who wants ageing Goldie on her lonesome when her lookalike mini-me oozes eternal youth?

Sharon Osbourne wasn't perturbed about her youngest daughter Kelly being exposed in the spotlight when she cast her in the family's eponymous reality show. Never mind the rehab stints that followed for Osbourne junior.

Stewart is unlikely to go down the trail of the spoilt Hollywood brat. Her parents have shielded her from the public glare and inside sources tell me she is a "bright, well-adjusted and confident young woman".