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Two Mexicans and two guitars are all you need for a dance party. And it's one that metallers, guitar geeks, and flamenco fans alike, are invited to.

Welcome to the Rodrigo y Gabriela show, the acoustic guitar duo made up of lead guitarist Rodrigo Sanchez and side-kick Gabriela Quintero, who rather incredibly plays rhythm guitar, shin-shattering bass, and rib-rattling percussion all in one on her trusty acoustic axe.

They are not, explains Rodrigo with a wry smirk early on during the 90 minute set, a flamenco guitar duo, pointing out their musical roots lie in heavy metal.

If anyone in the near sold-out Civic crowd is expecting flamenco they may have sensed something odd is up as Tool's The Pot pours forth from the speakers before the duo wander on and start their master class in acoustic flamenco metal.

This is their first visit to New Zealand and they play the majority of new record 11:11 - a tribute album that pays homage to a diverse mix of musical heroes such as Jimi Hendrix, Dimebag Darrel from metallers Pantera, and wild 70s fusion band Shakti - as well as a clutch of songs off 2006's self-titled break-through album including Metallica cover Orion.

Their performance is astonishing with Rodrigo planting his feet, bending his knees and working his lightening-fast fingers around elaborate and intricate guitar pieces, as Gabriela strums, taps and whacks the body of her guitar. At times they are duelling each other, but then, with the thwack of a hand, or a hard abrasive strum, their disparate parts fall back into perfect harmony.

On Hanuman Gabriela fires up, hammering away with a tough and discordant strum; the bent and twisted wah wah of Buster Voodoo is distinctly Hendrix influenced; and Hora Zero is one of the night's more breezy and lofty moments.

The show also has a touch of Irish jig revelry about, because it's a foot stomping and clap-a-long style of music, which is not surprising since the pair developed their unique style of playing while living in Dublin in the first part of the 2000s.

The crowd is a strange mix, with eager world music types getting down alongside earnest guitar enthusiasts, then there are the Metallica and AC/DC fans proudly wearing their band shirts, and behind us some young girls can't help but giggle every time Gabriela cusses.

It's her cute, potty-mouthed charm, and fiery percussive playing that steals the show, yet there is no denying Rodrigo's flare and finesse.

Older songs Tamacun and Diablo Rojo make for a thunderous, and at times harrowing finale, which is proof metal is very much at the heart of these two likeable, friendly and accomplished performers.