Go Girls, has been chosen for adaptation in America by one of the brains behind Sex and the City.' />

South Pacific Pictures' most recent success, Go Girls, has been chosen for adaptation in America by one of the brains behind Sex and the City.

ABC studios has picked up the drama, dubbed a North Shore version of Outrageous Fortune which has enjoyed good reviews since first airing in February.

Liz Tuccillo, who was the story editor for Sex and the City and co-wrote the book and film He's Just Not That Into You, is writing the pilot for the American series.

Former ABC executive Julia Franz is producing it for ABC studios.

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett will be executive producer of the show with Ms Tuccillo and Ms Franz.

Mr Barnett said the idea for the series three girls who want to be individually rich, famous and married within a year could be taken anywhere.

"That kind of thing, or variation of it, can work anywhere in the world.

"I think [ABC] liked the relationships between the girls and the quest. It's a very accessible premise and a very international premise."

He did not know where the American producers would set or take the series but considering Ms Tuccillo's experience, he expected she would come up with something interesting.

"I don't think it will be a Sex and the City clone, I think it will stay in the same demographic as Go Girls."

South Pacific Pictures' hugely successful Outrageous Fortune was picked up by ABC in 2007 and renamed Good Behaviour.

A pilot was made, but did not make the cut, and the show is currently being rewritten.

Mr Barnett said though it was taking a while to adapt the show, the effort being taken to rewrite it indicated Americans still loved the idea.

He said he hoped the network rolled out Go Girls the first time around.

"There's no question that Outrageous pushes boundaries ... In that sense Go Girls is possibly an easier adaptation."

The second series of Go Girls is in production in Auckland.