TVNZ was the big winner at the annual ceremony held in Auckland on Saturday night, winning 11 categories to TV3's one.

The two broadcasters take turns filming and screening the awards ceremony.

This year, it was TVNZ's turn, but the state broadcaster pulled out, so TV3 stepped in.

However, it did not screen the whole show, instead showing a shortened "highlights" version on Sunday night with many of its rival's winners edited out.

That prompted the state broadcaster to ask for a copy of the unscreened coverage.

But TV3 has rejected the request, saying the film is its to keep.

TVNZ spokeswoman Andi Brotherston said the refusal to share the extra footage - showing most of TVNZ's awards-night successes - was disappointing.

"I don't want to comment about the reasons they might not want to give it to us. People can draw their own conclusions," she said.

"It would be a gracious thing to do."

One News asked TV3 for extra film to show in a news item on Sunday night. But because TV3's awards coverage was not to be screened until 10.30pm, it told One News it could not have the film until after that time.

Ms Brotherston said the network approached TV3 again yesterday, but was turned down.

"They've only broadcast about four of [our winners]," she said.

"We'd just like to run the footage on the news, to acknowledge the good work of the reporters."

TV3 spokesman Roger Beaumont said the network had offered TVNZ the film that was screened on television, and that was enough.

"They've got two hours to choose from - there's plenty to choose from there."

Mr Beaumont said TVNZ had been scheduled to broadcast the event this year but had declined, so TV3 stepped forward to screen the ceremony.

"It's our footage, we went to the trouble of filming it, so I don't see why they're upset about us not giving it.

"They would have had that footage had they stuck to protocol.

"They need to go sit down and have a cup of tea, to be quite frank."