Find all you ever wanted to know about the top crime family and friends - and have a drink on them too

They took over our televisions and now they have been immortalised in print. Outrageous Fortune's West family become the world's most unlikely literary figures in The West Family Album.

The album, written by the show's creators James Griffin and Rachel Lang, plus writer Tim Balme, details everything you ever wanted to know about the family - plus some things you didn't.

If you've ever pondered just what is in Kasey's eggplant thing, or how to make Cheryl's famous fish pie, you'll find the full recipes inside. Along with Grandpa's guide to gambling, a mammoth 100 question trivia test and the children's old report cards.


There are also letters from associates of the Wests (mainly complaining about them) and interviews with the actors who bring the family to life.

To give you a taste of what lies in store, we've taken a leaf from the crime family's book (quite literally) and stolen this excerpt - the official Outrageous Fortune Drinking Game.

The West family likes a drink or two - or three or four - from time to time or on a daily basis, and here is your chance to drink with them. The Official Outrageous Fortune Drinking Game is designed as an interactive audience-participation, cross-platform element, enabling increased enhancement of the viewing experience.

This is not to say that the Official Outrageous Fortune Drinking Game and its makers in any way seek to advocate the irresponsible use of alcohol, nor do they condone the consumption of alcohol by minors. You may participate in the Official Outrageous Fortune Drinking Game while drinking non-alcoholic beverages such as, say, iced tea or chocolate milk. It will only be half the fun and you will be teased mercilessly, but that is entirely over to you.

(Also please do not play the Official Outrageous Fortune Drinking Game while watching Outrageous Fortune on your own, as that would be kind of sad.)

(Nor should you attempt to play it while watching CSI: Miami or the Jaquie Brown Diaries or any other television show that is not Outrageous Fortune, as it will not make any sense.)

For the full Outrageous Fortune drinking game, see The West Family Album (RRP$29.95), to be released on August 7, and available from all good bookstores.

How to play


1. Turn on the television and set it to the right channel for Outrageous Fortune.

2. Get yourself and your guests something to drink and something to drink out of.

3. Pour yourself and your guests a drink.

4. Wait for Outrageous Fortune to start, then follow the simple instructions below until you:

(a) pass out;

(b) throw up;


(c) cannot stand the taste of chocolate milk any more;

(d) realise Outrageous Fortune has finished playing on the telly;


(e) you run out of things to drink.

5. There are no winners or losers in this game, just drinking. Any dispute about the rules will be sorted out by everybody drinking.

Take ONE SIP of your drink if:


Van and/or Munter light up a joint;

Kasey bursts into tears;

Judd uses the phrase 'old man' in relation to Grandpa;

There is an excessive display of cleavage;

Someone wears their sunglasses inside for an unreasonably long time;

Falani mentions Mrs Falani.


Take a HEARTY MOUTHFUL of your drink if:

There is shagging;

Rochelle announces she's "in for the long haul" and starts drinking;

Judd looks long-suffering as a result of something a member of the West family has done;

Cheryl serves fish pie for dinner;

Grandpa talks about his sex life with Ngaire.


DRAIN YOUR GLASS to the very bottom if:

The police raid the house while anyone is having sex;

Wolf turns up unannounced;

Grandpa urinates on somebody.