TVNZ has quashed rumours Wendy Petrie will be pulled into a disciplinary meeting about her David Bain coverage.

The TV One newsreader made a 'fist pump' live on air after announcing that the jury had reached a verdict on Friday.

TVNZ spokeswoman Andi Brotherston says it was not Ms Petrie's fault as technical staff failed to activate the switch that stopped the broadcast when it was finished.

She is also dismissing claims the broadcaster threatened a media blogger to take down the video clip from YouTube, or it would get his channel pulled off the air.


Gaffes made by celebrities and presenters are humorous enough, but when the goofs veer off into toe-curling cringe territory, it's the televisual equivalent of comedy gold.

Taking One News presenter Wendy Petrie's now legendary on-air "fist pump" as inspiration, we cast an eye over some classic TV presenter bloopers. Cheer up, Wendy, you're not alone...

Wendy Petrie's "fist-pump"
One News anchor Wendy Petrie could hardly contain her excitement as the jury prepared to deliver its verdict in the David Bain trial, marking the occasion with a triumphant fist-pump and clenched teeth ... live on air.

Jim Hickey's potty mouth
Veteran Kiwi weatherman Jim Hickey inadvertently turns the air blue and colours our world with some pornographic slang.

Warning: Contains sexual references

Watch the clip here
Wedded bliss
They say you should never air your dirty laundry in public, but this news presenter has other ideas. Gas-bagging about her husband with a co-presenter, she lets rip with what she really thinks of her other half...

Warning: Clip contains swearing

Watch the clip here
Freudian slip
News anchor has a serious Freudian slip while reporting a tragic story about a top cop killed by suspected militants.

Warning: Contains sexual innuendo

Watch the clip here
Gotta run
What do you do when you're caught short while in the line of duty? Ask this weatherman who gets a bad case of the runs ... live on air.

Watch the clip here
What a gas
The old ones are always the best. When puerile toilet humour goes bad, kick-started by the immortal line: "I've got gas right now..."

Watch the clip here
Anchor Vs reporter
Watch what happens when a war of words ensues between a news anchor and reporter - live on air. Boys will be boys...

Watch the clip here
An intrepid news reporter investigates a Canadian brown finch infestation with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Trouble is, the birdies don't take kindly to the word "infestation"...

Watch the clip here
Verbal meltdown
TV presenter and journalist Bill O'Reilly experiences the mother of all meltdowns when the words on his teleprompter disagree with him.

Warning: Contains swearing

Watch the clip here
On the beat
TV presenter Chuck Storm from Action News 5 gets up close and personal with an obstacle in his path, with painful consequences.

Watch the clip here
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