Bossy and flamboyant stylist Gok Wan, who's a sort of camp fairy godmother to insecure women with body issues, is flying to New Zealand this month to be the guest of honour at a Takapuna style event. Only, he won't be telling ladies to get their kit off, as he does on his UK TV show How to Look Good Naked. Wan is the style ambassador to Specsavers, a British family-owned optometry company with more than $2 billion annual turnover. Gok will be the star guest at a launch party on May 20 in Takapuna where he'll be "Gokking" Kiwi women and showing them how they can get affordable designer eyewear looks for less.

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Rumour has it that a biography about expat squillionaire Eric Watson is in the works and will be written by his Australian-based sister with Watson's blessing. Will it have any juicy tell-all bits about Watson's climb to the top? Probably not. I imagine it will be a sanitised tome of Eric's achievements. Though, for sales' sake, snippets about Nicky and her endowments are bound to surface. It would be nice to read and see pics of Watson's glamorous new life in Europe and his growing brood. Word is, his 15-year-old son Sam has morphed into a gorgeous young man and is very talented on the rugby field. A future All Black, perhaps?

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Awesome foursome Julie Christie, April Ieremia, Matthew Ridge and his former flattie Brent Todd were Spy-ed having a quiet catch-up at Soul bar last Friday night. Notably absent was Carly Binding.

Alison Mau was Spy-ed at Peter Gordon's Bellota bar on Saturday night with a small TVNZ crew and US comedian Wayne Brady who fronted the Comedy Gala. They were celebrating after his show.

Click here to see photos of the Gala.

At Sale St bar on Tuesday night, Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell was Spy-ed holding court with a large group of friends who gathered to farewell her before she heads back overseas. Plus, Tim and Neil Finn were Spy-ed at another part of the bar for The Bad's album release party.

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Leigh Fraser from TVNZ may not be a household name in the manner of Sainso or The Petrie Dish, but the senior television cameraman can gloat that he counts superstar Britney Spears as a friend. A cyber bestie, actually. She's one of six close and yet extremely random mates on his Twitter page. Fraser, who has spent his career doing emergency-driven filming - up in the middle of the night with murders, police chases, shark attack victims, sea rescues and Ruapehu erupting - established the Twitter page TVNZnewsCam. At the time of going to print, Fraser had only six followers but one of them was Spears. Yes, the real Britney Spears! So, what does the TVNZ cameraman think about his relationship with the Princess of Pop? "What can I say, she has good taste," he said wryly. 

Rachel Glucina
Pictured: Gok Wan. Photo / Supplied