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This album starts off with a cover of the Pixies' song

Rock Music




, probably the most obnoxious track the Boston band ever came up with. With the sort of din The Color Of Violence make on the rest of their debut album - a record made purely for fun they say - it's an inspired choice of song.

As the band name might suggest, guitarist/singer Travis Richter and drummer Derek Bloom come from the school of beating you about the ears, rattling your brain, and if you don't like it, then too bad.

The grating screams and shrieks, swarms of chaotic, Fantomas-style guitar flourishes, and achilles-snapping rhythms make for a challenging listen. However, unlike some of their maniacal contemporaries - like Blood Brothers and Dillinger Escape - the groove and grind C.O.V. hit upon is a more consistent and accessible one.

Although, album centre piece

Christina Christina

has the scary feel of an unhinged axe murderer about it so be warned. Also watch out for


with its relentless beat that winds up like a helicopter's rotor blades priming for take off. But


is not just about earnest noise making.

There are tongue-in-cheek moments too, which lighten the mood like the celebratory

Look! I Made It! I'm Dating an Actress!

that ends in a beautifully breathless mess.

Scott Kara