Good Morning


Brendon Pongia

is getting married today in Napier to


Michelle Kirkland

, the former flatmate of a woman Pongs used to date years ago. It was less six degrees of separation and more just a gib and plaster wall that separated the lovebirds. They met again, 10 years later, on the day of her father's funeral... and love blossomed.

The smooth-talking Pongs, who has one marriage and one engagement (to TV babe

Miriama Smith

) behind him, announced earlier this week, with the bride-to-be by his side on the

Good Morning

couch, that he hit on her when they reunited again on the day of her dad's funeral. "It was bittersweet", the bride replied.

In a thoroughly modern love story, romance developed further through Skype and Facebook. Kirkland lived in London; Pongia in Wellington. Marriage plans followed quickly.

The former Tall Black went to great lengths to plan a romantic proposal last October. Getting down on one knee is for any lover; getting down on one knee in Iceland is for real Romeos. He booked the secret flights, and the details were later splashed across the pages of a woman's magazine spread.

It was reported the bride works as a lawyer in London. She doesn't. She works in the Human Resources department of a London law firm. Though, presumably Kirkland will up and move to Wellington to live with her husband and his television career.

Guests expected at the wedding this afternoon are likely to include Pongia's former dancing partner

Hayley Holt

. Fingers crossed

Richie McCaw

comes too. They are a plus-one couple. Hayley's star rating increases ten-fold when she's dangling from the arm of the All Black captain.

Paparazzi photographers will also be hoping Pongia's friend, rugby legend

Jonah Lomu

will be on the guest list. There will be big bonus dollars for snappers if Lomu's partner


and their baby boy


come too.


Sarah Bradley


Steve Gray



are likely to be there, with the latter probably in charge of all floral decorations at the wedding. The

Good Morning

website claims Astar was "a 'finishing artist'. Her focus was on floral design in the many homes owned around the world by none other than the

Sultan of Brunei


Brendon and Michelle have likely sold their nuptial story to a woman's magazine. We can probably expect to see all the details in glossy print next week. I wish the pair many happy returns on their wedding day. Feel free to post your own comments to the couple on this blog.

Rachel Glucina

Pictured: TV presenter and ex-Tall Black Brendon Pongia sports an attractive moustache which he is growing to support Movemberin 2007. Photo / Supplied