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He's known for losing it but Australian comedian Dave "Hughesie" Hughes was surprisingly calm as he sauntered Auckland's Vulcan Lane yesterday, filming a budget airline advertisement.

A popular radio DJ in Australia, Hughesie is best known to New Zealand audiences for his weekly segments on Rove, Help Me Hughesie! and Hughesie Loses It.

Wearing a lurid orange suit, the comic staged conversations with extras for the advertisement, but could not reveal whether the clip would screen in Australia or New Zealand.

Known for his thick Ocker accent, Hughesie did not attempt a Kiwi cadence for the ad but admitted to using the word "choice" repeatedly.

"Is very hard to say choice without feeling like a New Zealander," he grinned.

Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas, launched its transtasman service in 2005, operating out of Christchurch, and is scheduled to begin Auckland operations in April.

It has also applied to fly domestically in New Zealand.

The move comes at a time when other airlines are reducing services.

Qantas announced it would decrease domestic services across New Zealand this year, while Air New Zealand plans to suspend some transtasman routes from March.