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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is reportedly considering suing a British tabloid over allegations he has been cheating on his wife with the ex mistress of bestselling author Jeffrey Archer.

Britain's Daily Telegraph quotes a source close to Gordon and his wife Tana as saying the chef might sue the News of The World after it published an article claiming he was unfaithful to her.

The Sunday tabloid claimed the chef, famous for his foul mouthed outbursts, had been having an affair with 'professional mistress' Sarah Symonds for the past seven years.

The tabloid also claimed Ramsay, who has built up a reputation as a family man, first met Symonds at a London nightclub in 2001, and has been conducting an affair with her since.

A source tells the newspaper: "Ramsay and Sarah exchanged mobile phone numbers and became lovers just a few weeks later. So much for him being true to his wife."

Father-of-four Ramsay has been married to wife Tana for the past 12 years.

The newspaper alleged the Hell's Kitchen star met up with Symonds at least three times over the past fortnight, and claimed to have in its possession photographs of the pair leaving a London hotel after spending 75 minutes together in a room.

Symonds gained notoriety after she published a book last year called Having an Affair? A Handbook for Other Women, following her affair with Jeffrey Archer.

Ramsay was voted the UK's Celebrity father of the Year in 2006, and the Ramsays the Celebrity Family of the Year in 2007.

The chef reportedly posed for photographs during an impromptu photo call outside his London home on Sunday but refused to answer questions.

His spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "We are not saying anything at all, we are just getting on with it - me, him, Tana, we are all getting on with it."

Symonds also refused to address the allegations, telling the News of The World, "Sorry, I've got nothing to say on the matter."

The F-Word star has previously described his wife Tana as "the only woman who can turn me on... Tana is my wife, my lover and the person I want in my bed and in my arms every night."

Earlier this year he said, "Tana and I have a great marriage even though we spend very little time together. The time we have together is quality rather than quantity."