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Rating: * * *
Australian band Skybombers may hail from Melbourne but it took a California radio station to get the boys noticed last year, after local DJs ignored the band's big, brash sound. Given Australia's often questionable music tastes, this actually bodes rather well for the band, who are only now building a home fanbase with the release of their debut album.
Laden with power chords, frantic drumming and raspy vocals, the first three tracks  are stadium rock at its most obvious, the boys apparently learning a few tricks from the Foo Fighters, whom they opened for in Auckland in May.
On & On and Always Complaining make for fast and fun, if not overly original, listening. Things falter as they slow the tempo for If You Want To Be The One, but the acoustic strum and   harmonies of My Morning's Gone quickly see them recover and reveal there might be something more to this band than generic garage rock.
Brit-pop influences emerge on Time, Money and Me, with its  shout-it-out chorus and stonking bassline. But it's back to the status quo for the rest of the album, dishing up fun but largely forgettable tunes that could have come from any band. There's potential here, it just needs a bit more personality.

Joanna Hunkin