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A dated and desperate plea for attention


If you take Katy Perry's lyrics at face value and combine them with her real-life background, it's not hard to figure out the motivation behind the 23-year-old's sophomore album

One of the Boys

. But that doesn't excuse it from being a rubbish exercise in music-making.

The daughter of two pastors, Perry's first musical venture was a Christian gospel record, released in 2001. Seven years later, she has rebelled against Ma and Pa, discovered boys (and the odd girl) and transformed herself into a raven-haired vixen.

It all adds up to a desperate bid for attention, best encapsulated by the novelty hit

I Kissed a Girl

- a generically catchy number that's chart-topping power lies squarely in its girl-on-girl imagery, rather than any musical prowess.

The rest of the album continues in this shallow vein,  that is as dated as it is dull.


Waking Up in Vegas

could have come from Avril Lavigne's debut album six years ago. Not even Lavigne is pushing this brand of warbling brat pop anymore.

While most of the record is simply Perry's inane ramblings, it verges on the offensive with the pathetic

Ur So Gay

, which calls for an ex-boyfriend to "hang yourself with your H&M scarf" for being so gay - a label bestowed on the man for not eating meat and driving an electric car.

Joanna Hunkin