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It's official: Paris Hilton is a sad cow with no mates.
So desperate is the socialite for company, she's turning to reality TV for help.
Hilton is in the middle of creating a new reality TV show, reports Us Weekly.
"The show is going to be about her searching for a new best friend," a source says. "Paris is tired of the haters and she's looking for someone new. She's looking for someone new and cool who she can trust."
Added the source, "[The new show is] going to be full of good chick drama and you will see a side of Paris not seen on Simple Life."
Truly, this is the most ridiculous premise for a TV show I've ever heard.
Harry Potter's 'gay kiss'
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe certainly got more than he bargained for when he attended an awards ceremony this week.
And for one hairy moment, it looked as though Dumbledore wasn't the only gay in the village.
Radcliffe received a gong in recognition for his work on Equus on Sunday night, and things got a little amorous when he went on stage to accept his award.
The award show's host, James Corden, ambushed everyone's favourite boy wizard and stuck his overly-enthusiastic tongue down Radcliffe's throat.
At first Radcliffe just stood there like a stunned mullet, but then seemed to take more of an active role in the clinch and play along.
Watch the spectacle here
The action kicks in at around the 30 second mark.
In other Potter news...
First off it's Hermione supposedly pairing off with rock rouser Johnny Borell, and now it's the turn of ginger teen Rupert Grint.
Latest news reports indicate (OK, it's the Daily Star, so it's not exactly gospel) suggest Potter star Grint is enjoying a spot of extracurricular activity with singer Lilly Allen.
Yup, word has it that they're an item.
"Lily met Rupert at the Order Of The Phoenix premiere last year where they swapped numbers and have texted each other quite regularly," said a source.
"She told him she was a bigger fan of Ron than Harry himself and they hit it off well, although they kept in touch rather than met up at first. After Lily's split from Ed things changed. Rupert offered Lily a shoulder to cry on and she's taken it.
"They get on really well and he makes her laugh. Last week they enjoyed a Japanese meal together in north London. Rupert drove Lily to the restaurant in his black Mini and sheltered her from prying eyes. She has seen a bit of Ed lately and wanted to have a heart-to-heart with Rupert. They did have a really long and intense talk, but also lots of fun, too.
"Lily got upset when people recognised them so Rupert protected her. She likes that. She is still dealing with the terrible start to the year she's had to face, losing her baby and splitting with Ed, but these two would really work as a couple."
Sharon Stone 'kills' for publicity
Basic Instinct flasher Sharon Stone has upset the folk at PETA.
The dishy diva turned up at Elton John's Oscar party this week sporting a brooch made from a rat's foot.
When asked why she was wearing the rodent monstrosity, Shazza proclaimed "It's for luck."
Rat on a rat here.
The Hoff's divorce trundles on...
Celebrity divorces are rarely a private affair, and David Hasselhoff's nuptial nuking is no different.
The Hoff's divorce papers have been "leaked", and they make an interesting read. reports that a judge has just given David Hasselhoff the green light to retrieve some of his stuff at the family home.
Wifey Pamela Bach must let the Hoff into their former love nest to pick up these treasured gems:
- Boy with horn located in the African room
- Dolphin located in the African room
- Green elephant located in the African room
- African pipe - same room
- Ivory tusk
- Elephant foot and two elephant stools
The Hoff also wants to pick up his weights, an antique barber's chair, recording equipment and... a "French maid." WTF?
Check out the legal docs here.
Naomi Campbell Hospitalised
Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been hospitalised in Sao Paolo, according to news reports.
Details are rather sketchy at the moment, but various news websites claim Campbell, who has been in the country for a number of weeks, is suffering from some sort of "infection". reports that the 37-year-old Britsh model is being treated at the Sirio Libanes Hospital and has been since Sunday.
She reportedly underwent a lengthy surgical procedure for treatment of an infection by Dr. David Uip, an infectious disease specialist.
"She was admitted into hospital," Uip told news website G1. "She is in my care and that of Professor (Jose Aristodemo) Pinotti, but she did not authorize us to comment on the matter."
A rep for Campbell has reportedly confirmed to that the catwalk queen was admitted to hospital to have a cyst removed.
"Naomi Campbell was admitted to hospital last night (February 25) to have a small cyst removed. Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank the doctors who have kindly looked after her."
Tyson movie imminent
Hollywood darling Jamie Foxx is set to play troubled boxer Mike Tyson on the big screen.
Foxx is said to already be in serious talks with Tyson with regards to portraying the heavyweight champ in a sizzling biopic of his life.
Tyson said: "Jamie Foxx and I will be working together. He will play me in the film about my life. We have already had several discussions about it."
Purple pain
Pop pigmy Prince is reportedly crippled in pain by years of sexy onstage dance routines.
The News of The World (yes, I know) reports that the diminutive singer will be forced to undergo painful surgery this year, or face a life with a severe limp and being dependent on a walking stick.
Shaken by the medical drama, Prince/Symbol/AFKAP/Dwarf has reportedly booked himself in to a private hospital to undergo treatment.
His reps are supposedly keeping his diary clear for the next two month - so he can recover.
Meanwhile, claims that Prince treated guests at his recent post-Oscars bash to an impromptu jam in his living room, as well as a little something extra - a live peep show.
Deep in the bowels of his mansion the Purple One treated his A-list guests, including
Eva Longoria Parker, Sean Combs, Javier Bardem and gal pal Penelope Cruz, to a floorshow starring seven ladies (and one buff boy), who helped burn the midnight oil by grinding their rear gear on greasy poles.
Now that's one party I would have killed to be invited to.
Hurrah for Jolie's baby bump
She stepped out in public for the first time this week and revealed a cute baby bump, yet she's still denying the obvious.
Whichever way but loose, Brangelina simply refuse to confirm they're with child.
Brangelina's spokeswoman, Cindy Guagenti, offers a firm "no comment" on the speculation.
You've seen the pictures of Jolie's baby bubble, now see the maternal movie star in motion.
And while the hideously beautiful pair continues remain tight-lipped over the pregnancy, Bradley Pitt's pal George Clooney has offered his take on things.
"Well, there's a lot of problems," George tells Extra. "Either it's a tremendous amount of gas which is just not likely. Really, not likely."
Source:, OK! Magazine.
And from Brad to bad...
Aniston's frozen assets
Star magazine can always be relied upon for a good giggle.
The scandal purveyor is new reporting that Brad Pitt's ex, 39-year-old Jennifer Aniston, has frozen her eggs while she waits for a sperminator.
A source tells the mag that Jen's biological clock is ticking and she's feeling pressured to get knocked up and start breeding.
The answer? Freeze her ovum so she can take her time and wait for Mr. Right.
The source said, "It was a really smart move, because it buys (Jen) a few years to figure it all out. The pressure has lifted.
"(Jen's) absolutely doing the right thing. She's giving herself a big break from the intense pressure to find Mr. Right and have kids. She's in a good place now."
"Her friend Sheryl Crow turned her on to the idea of adopting, but in her heart Jen would like to have her own child. She just needs the right man - someone she can trust."
Jennifer's rep told Star the story was untrue, obviously.
Big turn off
Apparently I wasn't the only one who though this year's Oscars were about as enticing as swallowing razor blades.
Monday's Academy Awards broadcast was the least watched Oscar broadcast EVER.
The show's ratings were down a staggering 21 per cent from last year. And to ads insult to injury, the yawn-inducing ceremony ranked 14 per cent lower than the least-watched ceremony ever.
It sounds like a lot, but only 32 million people tuned in.
But hey, if you thought this year's backslapping fest was dull, take comfort in the fact that the Oscars ceremony used to be much, much worse.
What the Busey?
Emotional high jinks are to be expected on Oscars night, but actor Gary Busey demonstrated that he's clearly every shade of bonkers.
E! presenter Ryan Seacrest was hugging the red rug at the Oscars on Sunday and interviewing Jennifer Garner when Busey so very rudely interrupted their confab.
Garner's reaction is classic.
Seacrest is still a slime ball.
Whoopi: 'Diss hurt'
First Brad Renfro was excluded from the Academy Awards tribute to Hollywood figures who died in the past year.
And then Whoopi Goldberg gets the same treatment.
The comedian was omitted from a montage which showed various moments from past Oscars hosts.
Goldberg, who has hosted the luvvie show multiple times was curiously dropped from the vide footage.
Whoopi jokingly said, "Undoubtedly, I pissed someone off once again."
Maybe you did, but it still stinks.
Watch Whoopi's reaction here.
Memory lane
You'll never guess who this is.
Clue: He's Britney's favourite lens-lizard boyfriend.
Li-Lo's big trip
Brother, Li-Lo looks like she's well and truly off the wagon.
Watch this video footage of the rehab queen exiting the Villa nightclub in West Hollywood last weekend and falls arse over titi.
Genuine trip or drunkety-drunk?
Winehouse in self-harm shocker
The Sun has just published some rather worrying pictures of jazz pixie Amy Winehouse showing what appears to be possible evidence of self-harm.
The British singer was snapped as she left her North London home this week, and her physical appearance has set tongues wagging.
Snapped with obvious scratches over her arms and face, this latest setback suggests the singer may have reverted to her troubled ways.
Looks like Amy's demons are still haunting her.
Hugh Jackman exposed
Just because...
...I think we all need a bit of light relief.
Hugh Jackman took a break from filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Sydney, Australia this week, and he looked seriously buff.
This guy's living proof that inner beauty won't get you laid.
This just in...
Jennifer Lopez leaves hospital with twins
Her babies are settling into their blingin' nurseries.
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