Key Points:

Jordan Vandermade is host of TV2's new game show Singing Bee, Studio2 presenter and all-round overachiever.

You're going to be hosting Singing Bee ... what is it?

It's pretty much one big party. It's got a karaoke feel to it. The main thing about it is we don't care how bad a singer you are, you've just got to sing the lyrics right. It's all about knowing the lyrics, we don't care if you're the worst singer in the world. It's all about people not caring how bad they sound, having a laugh and winning some big money at the end of it.

Is it kind of like watching the first few rounds of Idol?

It's so bad it's good ... We have got some good singers and we've got some really, really bad ones as well. It's definitely not a singing competition. It's all about knowing the songs that you sing along to on the radio.

Can you sing?

I'd say I can hold a tune, yeah. I'm a sing-along-aholic. I love to sing along to everything that's playing on the radio.

Have you tried playing any of the Singing Bee games? How did you stack up?

Throughout the filming of the shows I tried a few. I reckon I could get to round three. I could get midway before it starts getting tougher and you have to know whole choruses and stuff. Then I'd struggle a little bit.

You also host Studio2, are you going to keep doing that?

Yup, I've signed for another year with Studio2. It's what gave me my break in TV and I absolutely love it. It's a live show which is something very rare in television these days. For me as a presenter it's a party. I get paid to be a big kid. It's awesome.

You used to be a decathlete. How did you end up in television?

Long story short, I got interviewed through my athletics and the guy who interviewed me said he thought I was alright in front of the camera and would I ever think of doing television? I was like "Yeah, I'd be keen". He knew the producer of Studio2 and she said she was looking for a new presenter. He said, "I interviewed this guy the other day, do you want to have a look at his tape?" So he sent it in without me knowing and a month later I got a call and I went for an audition.

I had no experience in television so I was just like "wow'. I gave it my all and clicked with Matt and Dana and then that dream phonecall came saying "You got the job".

I've never had any training or anything like that, I'm really fresh off the boat.

Following that, obviously, was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life. Stopping athletics to pursue this television career.

So your athletics career wasn't winding down anyway?

No, no, most would say my athletics career was starting to hit the high points. World Championship level in athletics is really hard to get to, even in the top eight, and I'd medalled at the World Juniors. I think only five New Zealanders have ever done that. A lot of people were picking me for big things - Olympics, Commonwealth Games. It was really starting to crank and doors were opening up, offers overseas.

Because I was a decathlete, I can't just go down to the track every night and do sprinting. It's the hardest event, time-wise, to train for. I was looking at the next 15 years of my life, not really making any money, not being able to travel or do anything but train. Or this fantastic opportunity in television.

Are you just an all-round overachiever? I think I'm very, very lucky. I've had a lot of great opportunities with my athletics and my sport. It's unbelievable that I could get that far. I think I'm a hard worker. I'm one of those guys that when I set my mind to it, I will absolutely do anything to get there. It's the same in television. I use my athletics attitude and it doesn't change.