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Victoria Beckham's children think everyone has a Spice Girl for a mother.

The 33-year-old star - known as Posh Spice in the hugely successful girl band - revealed her sons, Brooklyn, eight, Romeo, five, and two-year-old Cruz, believe all children have famous pop star parents.

"I think my sons think everybody's mummy is a Spice Girl," she told Ryan Seacrest in an interview on America's KISS-FM radio.

"I just had my hair dyed the other day and I got in the car and they looked at me and said, 'Oh my goodness, it's Posh Spice. She's back."

Victoria also admitted she clashes with her football star husband David Beckham over her untidiness.

"He's very tidy, and I am not. Even our fridge is colour coded.

"David vacuums in straight lines and if anyone walks on the carpet he gets very upset."

Victoria claims the couple are getting less attention than when they first arrived in Los Angeles in July, because Britney Spears is more 'interesting'.

She told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres: "When we first got here, it was really intense. There was tons of press every single day, and then they kind of figured out that actually we're quite boring and Britney's far more interesting, and so they go to her house."

"We're not out at nightclubs every night. We're a bit boring for them I think."

Victoria also revealed to Ellen her children adapting well to American culture. "I've got three Batmans at home right now," she said of her sons' costumes. "We will go trick or treating tonight."

But it's not all boring in the Beckham household.

"He's really romantic," Victoria said of her husband. "He's very good at sending flowers and cards."

Victoria recently reunited with fellow Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton for a world tour.

The Spice Girls' reunion tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada, on December 2.