Key Points:

You could criticise the makers of TV2's new series Staines Down Drains for being immature, but given that it's an animated comedy for school kids, that's probably the point.

The local series, a $10 million co-production between New Zealand and Australia, will premiere this Wednesday on TV2.

Stanley Staines, is an obsessively clean 11-year-old who gets sucked down a bathroom drainpipe along with his younger sister, Mary-Jane.

Landing in an underground world of slime, mutants and walking biscuits (yes, walking biscuits), they find themselves stuck in Drainland until they can find the right plughole portal to get home. Created by Flux Animation's Brent Chambers and Hothouse Production's Jim Moira, Staines Down Drains is set to be New Zealand's biggest animated series to date and has already been bought by foreign markets.

Staines Down Drains will screen every Wednesday at 3.35pm.