Shihad may sort of feel like part of the furniture, but they're certainly iconic, legacy artists, and it's about time they released a greatest hits compilation. The two 19-track discs here - there is also a single disc version - provide a comprehensive overview of their output, including both hits and cult favourites. The public did vote on the tracklisting, though Jon Toogood has remarked that it didn't actually help, so diverse were the responses.

Disc one opens with Home Again - you may roll your eyes, but it's always a live favourite, and an appropriate place to start given that it earned them their first gold single.

And in a nicely circular fashion they end the first disc with It - from their debut four-track EP Devolve. Factory and I Only Said off their debut album Churn also make it onto disc one, and Screwtop (arguably one of their best tracks) is on disc two. That You Again is the only Killjoy track on disc one is a minor quibble, but Bitter and Deb's Night Out turn up on disc two, and every fan is bound to have their own taste which favours certain albums. Listening
to these songs all mixed together has a reflective effect - they've sure had quite the journey, and some of their older tracks shine through. It's nicely packaged with great artwork and liner notes, which will appeal to collectors, but longtime Shihad fans won't necessarily gain much from the release. An excellent place to start if you're a more casual fan and want to delve into their back catalogue though.

Stars: 3.5/5
Verdict: One for collectors or newer fans