TV blogger Paul Casserly uncovers five hidden treasures in the weekend television schedule.

Five hidden treasures from the weekend schedule:


Fire in Babylon

(Rialto, 3.40pm, Saturday)


Brilliant documentary film from 2010 which tells the story of the Jamaican cricket team as they emerged as world beaters in the 1970s.

2. Ngati (Maori, 8.30pm Saturday)
Director Barry Barclay's highly rated feature film from 1987 is set in a fictional isolated Maori community in the late 1940s. It's a landmark film, but it's also a highly satisfying watch. And, as NZ On Screen, points out, it has fans all over the world. "It screened as part of Cannes' Critics Week, Ngati also won a best film award at Taormina Film Festival in Italy. France's Le Monde called it "a victory." There's a short clip here, but it's best viewed in it's entirety.

3. The Sopranos (Soho, from 11.30am Saturday)
A box-set orgy of series 5 of what has to be one of the best, most durable shows of all time. You probably should be outside running around, but if you're not, this is a goldmine.

4.The Jonathan Ross Show (Choice, Sunday, 7.30pm)
If you've sampled Choice TV you may have been put off by the wall to wall real estate and home improvement shows, like Bath Crashers: "The Bath Crashers are on a mission to crash, demolish and tear down bathrooms, transforming them into stunning, functional and modern living spaces." But don't give up, there's some gold hidden in rubble. One such nugget is the Jonanthan Ross Show, (Sunday's 7.30pm). Apart from say Graham Norton, there's no one better at the chat show format than Ross. And when it comes to top class guest wrangling and entertaining smartarsey, he's top dog. Okay so he's a smug mofo but he's sharp as very sharp stick.

5.Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet (TV1, Sunday. 11.30pm)
Leigh Hart and his highly respected team of experts uncover the greatest UFO mystery of all time. If you're a non-believer, this could the show to change your mind, about Hart's talent that is, not aliens. Mind you, strange things do happen when Leigh's around.